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Montesa Cota 315R - Head Cover + Inserts

Montesa Cota 315R - Head Cover + Inserts


EAN: 8435645092103

COTA 315 250 1996 to current
COTA 315 260 1996 to current
COTA 315 280 1996 to current
COTA 315 300 1996 to current

New kit Cylinder head + Inserts ready to assemble and enjoy new sensations!


Two different inserts:

  • RED: for 250c.c. cylinders (without modification)
  • BLACK: for cylinders modified to 300c.c. (diameter 76)


  • S3 cylinder heads lower the operating temperature of the thermal group and eliminate typical hot spots of the melting heads.

  • Racing finish. Anodized, laser S3 logo.

  • Make a difference inside and out with her elegant look.

  • Made of aluminum, and machined to give them a perfect weight and finish.




Discover all the possibilities of adapting your bike with the use of S3 cylinder heads.

*All STKA/STKB kits include: cylinder head, cylinder head and O-rings.