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We are

Mechanics, Riders, Engineers, Designers, Manufacturers & Hard workers.


Innovation, High Quality, R+D to create smart and performance products that make the difference.

We are specialists in

Developing state-of the art products for the motorbike industry and racing teams.

We test in

Mountains, Deserts, Cities, Circuits, Races and Labs...

We offer

Design, Extra Quality, service, innovation and solutions for your project and racing life style.

Original equipment for

Honda, Montesa, Gas Gas, Sherco, Vertigo, Trs and Racing Teams & Professionals Riders.

Made in Girona

with Nickel, Sicilium, Aluminum, Iron, Titanium, Magnesium, Stainless steel, Laser, Cotton, Lycra, Polyester and others technical materials.

"The most beautiful victory... the next one!"